Top 10 subscriptions for your startup or business.

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

We have compiled a list of popular subscriptions to help manage your startup or small business. With ScribePay you can pay, manage and cancel your subscriptions with just a few taps, giving you the reassurance to try out new subscriptions and see how they can benefit your company,- before committing to a full payment schedule.

Quickbooks - Accounting

QuickBook accounting software works best for companies which sell products. The software is an easily scalable solution for growing businesses, and has the benefit of Integrating payroll directly into your existing account. Due to quickbooks popularity, there are many third party apps which can be connected directly to your quickbooks account, saving you precious time. For sole traders & small businesses who need to manage VAT, Income Tax & expenses it costs £6 p/m and can be upgraded with more functionality for £10 p/m.

Google Workspace - Productivity Suite

All startups need apps that can take care of the essential tasks such as email accounts, file storage and productivity tools. Google Workspace offers users the usual suite of tools; storage, video calls, email with custom domains, notes, website building and even a “no-code” solution for building mobile and web apps. Google Workspace starts at £8.28 per user per month, with 2TB cloud storage included.

Freshbooks - Accounting

FreshBooks works best for service-based businesses or freelancers and solo entrepreneurs. It makes generating expense and revenue reports simple, and keeping all your records uptodate. FreshBooks was designed to be used by novices, but still allows users to gather advances analysis of their business financials. FreshBooks Lite, which allows up to 15 active clients, costs £3.30 a month, and premium plans at £9.00 per month.

Microsoft 365 - Productivity Suite

Microsoft 365 has all of the same core functionality that Google Workspace offers but with two core differences. Microsoft 365 only has annual billing cycles, but with that comes access to the full desktop versions of the Microsoft Office suite, with additional cloud storage.If your business relies on the full microsoft ecosystem, then the google workspace will struggle to compete. Microsoft 365 costs £54.72 per user per year, with the premium plan costing £217.44 per user per year.

Hubspot - Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

A CRM allows you to capture organise and analyse potential leads, as well as track communications with leads and clients. Hubspot allows you to allocate tasks to your team, manage your ‘sales pipeline’ and respond to customer enquiries via a support ticketing system. Hubspot offers a free version of its CRM tools and has a starter package at £42 p/m and going up to a full enterprise option costing £2,624 p/m.

Xero - Accounting

The benefit to Xero is its scalability. With Xero you have the reassurance that your account will be supported as your business evolves. Xero has all the core functionality you’d expect, processing invoices and payments, with optional productivity add-ons for project management. Xero also offers basic inventory management for retail businesses. Xero reports that they have “soft limits” for transaction volumes, around 2000 sales, 2000 purchases and 4000 bank lines per month. Xero starts at £10 p/m, standard for £24 and premium for £33 p/m.

Calendly - Organisation and appointment booking

Calendly is a great solution for business scheduling, supporting synchronisation of upto six calendars (outlook, ical, Office 365, google) and additional integration with existing services, like GoToMeeting and embedding your schedule directly in your website. It makes the process of charging for your services simple as you can collect payments from invitees with Stripe and paypal integration. Calendly has a free version with limited features and premium starts at $8 per user per month and Pro at $12 per user per month.

Docusign - Electronic signatures

DocuSign is all in one solution for automating manual, paper-based processes and managing documented business transactions such as authentications / digital signatures or collaboration forms. With the additional benefit of secure file storage. Users can always track and monitor the status of the agreement and set up automatic reminders and notifications at every step. The software allows integration with a business's existing systems and tools, to ensure a trouble free process. Docusign adheres to all global security standards, so your business information always stays secure. Docusign starts at £8 per user per month for the basics, and to upgrade to the business standard plan costs £22 per user per month or pro at £33 per user per month.

Trello- Business management suite

Trello is an online collaboration tool helping visualise projects on virtual boards. Trello helps manage your projects progress and get insights into what's being worked on, by each of your team members. Trello encourages collaboration and allows teammates to comment or help out with any issues. Trello has a free version for individuals as a productivity aid, but is $12.50 per user per month or $144 per year.

Hootsuite - Social media management

Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool, enabling companies to get insights into their social media impact, amplify marketing reach and manage paid ad campaigns. Integrating with all major social media channels, Hootsuite allows users to schedule posts to maximise engagement for target audiences, Hootsuite has a free version allowing you to manage three accounts on different social media networks. Hootusite premium starts at £39 per user per month, and goes upto £520 per user per month for larger businesses.

Shopify - eCommerce solutions

Shopify is an all in one eCommerce platform, allowing anyone to start an online store for their products on their website. Shopify allows users to build professional looking eCommerce solutions without ever touching coding. Shopify isn’t just for digital stores and has a proprietary Point Of Sale app and hardware, synchronising with your current inventory. The software helps streamline all aspects of online sales with integrated shipping solutions, payment processing and a “checkout” directly embedded into your existing sites and even social media posts. Shopify has three tiers, Basic for $29 per month, $79 and $299 for advanced.

With ScribePay you can take full advantage of free trials or even try out software for a month or two. We will alert you with renewal reminders so you never accidentally get charged for a service you may not need anymore. Scribepay gives you the power to cancel anytime.

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