This is a Day in Johnny's life. A Super Subscriber.

Welcome back! Today we're sharing the morning routine of a super subscriber to shed more light on just how many subscriptions we currently use, and how revolutionary an app like ScribePay truly is.

As you read, make a note of how many apps and subscriptions johnny uses.

Hello everyone, my name is Johnny and I live in London. Thanks for this opportunity to tell you a bit about how my days go. I'll tell you my morning routine today, and hopefully, another time, about how the rest of my day goes. 6:30am: My alarm goes off. I stretch across the bed to grab my phone. 6 months ago, I’d have snoozed the alarm till around 7:15 am, but not anymore. I use an app that allows me to set tasks to ensure that I’m up at the scheduled time. For this morning, my task is to take 50 steps to disarm the alarm.

50 steps lead me to my bathroom, where I have my electric toothbrush ready. This toothbrush is linked to a digital companion that measures how long I spend brushing, the strength of my strokes, and if I need to focus on any particular part of my mouth.

I brush up and down, upper left corner of my mouth, lower left, upper and lower right, up and down the front teeth, and then on the tongue. All timed. 120seconds.

While washing my face, I like to kickstart my meditation for the day, with my trusted wellness app. Living through a pandemic brought on quite a bit of anxiety, so these daily prompts have literally saved me. Today’s is on the power of affirmations.

6:50am: I’m repeating my “I am strong, I deserve wealth, and I will curate an authentic and joyful life,” while I stumble into the kitchen now, fully awake, and make my first cup of coffee. I’m running low on oat milk, and make a mental note to refill my subscriptions.

I like to train in my house, as I really got into it during the pandemic. I actually prefer working out at home to going to the gym. I use a digital watch and am subscribed to a fitness app that tracks my steps, sleep, and exercise, so it helps.

7:00am: I make my way to my living room and on the fitness bike. I play the on-demand video from the app, and today we’re focusing on glutes, my fave.

7:50am: Feeling energised, I run up the stairs, and 20mins & a hot shower later, I’m back at my desk and glance at my to-do list for the day. It’s all on my phone. I make a note to order the oat milk refill and some new facial products. I’m running low on toner. Yes, men can have facial routines too. 8:10am: I like to start my day with the hardest, most boring tasks. The feeling of accomplishment sets me up nicely for the rest of the day. It’s also nice to wind myself up for the day at my own pace before my chat goes crazy at 9 am!

12:30pm: Like clockwork, my doorbell rings and my lunch order arrives. Since I no longer commute to work, I can indulge myself a bit. I pay a small token to a local restaurant and they deliver their House Special five days a week - Monday to Friday.

3pm: I do a mental check-in on my digital to-do app and a brief guided meditation for 15minutes. My wellness app also reminds me to drink and track my water for the day. I down two glasses and feel super refreshed. Ready to tackle the rest of the day.

6:30pm: I clock off work, and once again, my dinner box arrives at the doorstep. I’m subscribed to a service, that delivers ingredients and recipes for 5 delicious meals to my doorstep every Monday evening. The recipes are pretty easy to follow and in exactly 55minutes, I have a delicious coconut chicken stir fry, and brown rice ready to go. A truly hearty meal, even I am shocked by how delicious it tastes.

7:50pm: Oh the joys of summer. It’s still pretty bright outside so I opt for a walk to the nearby park. On my way out, I take my chewable vitamins, I’m running low on the Vitamin C, but it’s almost the end of the month so I should have a new bottle before the end of the week. The evening breeze is beyond refreshing and it seems like I’m in the

mood for an audio book. Buuuuut some of my favourite podcasts have released new episodes, so I’m a bit torn between catching-up, listening to my audio book, or listening to music.

8:30pm: I’m back home, and neither audio book, podcast nor music won. I re-watched (well, listened since I was walking) to an old YouTube video from one of my favorite comedians. Ad free entertainment is the best decision I’ve made in recent months.

9pm: Two quick FaceTime calls to my mother and brother, and then I’m nestled on my couch in front of the TV. Netflix wins tonight, although Hulu and Apple TV were close contenders.

10:30pm: It’s bed time, I do one final check-in on my wellness app, and some light reading on my Kindle before bed.

11:25: This is the last I see the clock before bed. I drift off shortly afterwards.


We counted alarm, toothbrush, meditation, oatmilk, exercise, to-do list, lunch subscription, dinner-in-a-box delivery service, audio book, YouTube, music, podcast, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV… and then we got tired of counting.

Before we go, let’s tell you a bit more about the ScribePay app.

We make it easier for you to control your money. We breathe a new approach to opting in and out of subscription services, so you can manage your money in a better way. We do all the work in the background, letting you seamlessly control your subscriptions, and make your money grow.

With us, you no longer forget to make a payment or to renew your subscription.

Our simple app interface shows you exactly how much money you’re spending monthly and annually on subscriptions in just one glance; it also shows you renewal dates and even sends you reminders as the days approach.

And this is just a tip of what you can do with our app. Soon, we’ll tell you all about the ScribePay virtual card, marketplace, vendors services, ratings and reviews, and so much more.

See you next time!

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