Subscription Lessons from Spotify

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

If brilliant marketing and subscription management had a baby, it would be Spotify. The music streaming giant continues to champion a niche, which it arguably uncovered, owned, and continues to dominate - in music streaming services. Year on year, the streaming giant continues to grow, and there just might be several lessons for us to learn in how to manage our own subscriptions - from how Spotify manages to keep us subscribed to them!

The Three Things Spotify is Doing Excellently.

1. Ease and Joy - From the fun colours of the brand to the ease with which you can sign up and use Spotify, they clearly understand a thing or two about making your product and experience - a simple, hassle-free, and thoroughly enjoyable experience. What’s better than having your favourite songs at your fingertips? Not having to struggle to access them.

Lesson - have you ever treated yourself as Spotify treats their customers, thought about your journey as a consumer, and why not give yourself the gift of a hassle-free subscription experience? Why not consider services and applications that take the stress off you so that you can enjoy with utmost joy?

2. Start generic and then find your niche - With the tagline, “music for everyone,” Spotify establishes its premier purpose - to ensure that you as a consumer, are satisfied. That you feel catered to, looked after, and listened to. Pun intended. However, the “music for everyone” stops as soon as you log into your Spotify account and start to see the curated lists specially designed to satisfy your music cravings - from “popular near you,” to “similar artists,” to “more music from your favourite artists,” Spotify is designed around helping you find and remain in your niche.

Lesson - in finding products for your enjoyment, optimise towards starting your search generically, because you just never know what you can find… And while you’re at it, how about you spare yourself the stress of trying to ensure that you don’t forget to cancel after that trial period is over so that you don’t get into a subscription trap? Food for thought.

3. Innovation - Spotify is testing video content. Read that again. Spotify is testing video content. They moved from a music-only streaming service to hosting podcasts, and according to this article,the company has confirmed it’s currently testing a new feature in its app, Discover, which presents a vertical feed of music videos that users can scroll through and optionally like or skip.” This is the music streaming giant Spotify, the “listen to your favourite music” Spotify. And if their track record has been anything to go by, they most likely would record measurable success.

Lesson - Give yourself some space for innovation. Find new subscription services that you will love and enjoy, you just might strike gold! And while you’re at it, find a trusted buddy that would help you keep an eye on everything - so you know exactly how much you’re spending, and what’s renewing when so that you don’t wake up to an unexpected charge!

How ScribePay is Adapting as a Subscription Management Platform

Earlier this year, we launched ScribePay free, a subscription management platform that provides transparency and control of all your subscriptions. why? people like you are hesistant to try new subscription services due to fear forgetting to cancel. With ScribePay free we keep track of all your subscriptions and notify you 3 days and 1 day before an auto renewal is due.

Getting a reminder is great. But there is still the hassle with cancelling the subscription. Numerous stories of; not being able to find a cancelation button, calling customer service to cancel and bombarded with more offers, to even been told the payment and subscription has been cancelled but hit with another bill the next month!!! There has to be a better way... In the first quarter of 2022, we will be launching ScribePay Premium. What's ScribePay Premium?

Conclusion - There are lots of lessons around us, and even in the subscription world. Lots of communication in the subscription world takes a black and white approach towards cancelling or unsubscribing from some of your favourite services. And if you take it a step further, why don’t you look at yourself as the product? And think of ways that you can ensure that you have an exceptional experience with your subscriptions!

ScribePay free app now available on App store and Google Play...

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