ScribePay Set to Release New Subscription Plan Called ScribePay Premium

We are on a mission to tacking the £1bn lost by UK consumers because of unwanted subscriptions or falling into subscription traps (i.e., when you forget to cancel a subscription before the end of your free trial, and end up trapped in a longer term subscription you never really wanted)."

One way we’re doing this is by releasing ScribePay premium- " a new way to better manage your subscriptions".

ScribePay premium is the future of subscription payments and will include the following features:

1) Instant Virtual Card

You’’ll instantly receive a virtual prepaid card when you upgrade from Scribepay free. You can securely use this card to pay for existing subscriptions by simply switching the existing card details with your new ScribePay virtual card or use it for new subscriptions services that you’ve always wanted to try but have been hesitant due to fear of not being able to cancel.

2) Dedicated Digital Wallet

Stress free is our best friend. We have created two ways of topping up your ScribePay account

  • Instant bank transfer: with your unique Scribepay sort code and account number, you will be able to securely transfer money in and out of your ScribePay wallet. Moving money into your Scribepay account should be instant through faster payment; but this can take up to 2 hours

  • Pay by card: You can securely move money into ScribePay account through your debit or credit card. Simply add the first 16 digit card number from the card, and the expiry, and CVV2 number. As long as its approved by our acquirer, money is instantly added into your ScribePay wallet.

In the future we will be adding more convenient ways of moving money into your ScribePay. Tell us what you want us to add in our product roadmap here

3) Priority Support:

Need help using a ScribePay premium feature or have a problem with your account? Drop a message to our live chat support in the app, and you’ll be given priority support.

4) Subscription Reminders:

Let us keep track of when each of your bills are due. We’ll be able to identify any upcoming payments and will send a gentle nudge so you can rest assured you’ll never miss a payment again.

5) Unwanted Subscription Detection:

You know that free trial you signed up last year and totally forgot that it auto renews for £79.99. ScribePay Premium is the first and only payment app that seeks your approval before any money is taken out of your account. Simply use the ScribePay Virtual card to subscribe for the service. When the merchant is about to charge £79.99 fee, we will send you a notification to approve or decline the transaction. Now, if you are indeed enjoying the service, this will be a simple yes and we will just add this to your average spend. But you have the option to decline and never worry about chasing your bank to get a refund and then being told to speak to the merchant and waste countless hours or days trying to solve this problem.

Approve or decline- In Real time

6) True Monthly Average Subscription spend:

All ScribePay Premium users will get instant visibility of all their subscriptions and see how much on average they spend in a giving month on subscriptions.


ScribePay premium is cheaper than how much the average consumer losses (£160) because of unwanted subscription. Dont believe us? check out the article commission by Citizens Advice

It will be priced at £4.99 per month or £60 a year (that’s an instant saving of £100).

How Is This Different from ScribePay Free?

ScribePay free is our basic introduction to managing your subscriptions through better tracking

Find out more about ScribePay Free here.

Donwload ScribePay free now and be the first to know when Premium is available.

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