ScribePay Premium is live!

🚀 Big news: today we launch ScribePay Premium ⚡️. We believe in the power of visibility to aid financial inclusion. Over £1bn is lost annually in unwanted subscriptions and there's got to be a better way.

🙏🏻 In October 2021, we launched ScribePay free. A simple and intuitive version of our app to get people started on their subscription management journey. We also got featured in the Dailymail. Here is the link:

Today, we launch the #1payments app for subscriptions. So what do you get with ScribePay premium?

Get a dedicated account for all your subscriptions, 24/7 on your phone.

✍️ Sign up in less than 3 minutes in the app, no long queuing.

💰 instant UK account number and sort code (e- money wallet)

💳 instant #Mastercard Virtual card to pay and manage all subscriptions

📱 Real time notifications for subscription renewals mean no unwanted fees and surprises.

👁 instant visibility of average monthly subscription spend

🛑 Stop unwanted subscription with 2 clicks, no calling.

🛑 Prevent #autorenewals that initially start with a free trial period

👊🏿 Say good-bye to online payment fraud. Powered with our Approve/decline control feature and face-ID recognition technology.


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