Access vs. Ownership, which is king?

The subscription economy relies on the premise of access rather than complete ownership. Consumers want to decide when and how they use products and services – and to move on with as little disruption as possible when they've found a more suitable alternative, or have simply had enough.

10 years ago, people delighted in owning their DVDs, or books, and in purchasing their music and owning it forever.

Today, they would rather have access to a music bank or digital library of a million books- and pay a recurring fee to listen to their favorite songs over and over, or discover new books, without actually committing to a download or to a purchase of the DVDs.

The challenge is - for every macro vertical of a product - music, food, exercise, you name it, there are niche products and services and applications.

So while consumers are getting great choices, they're also the most overwhelmed they've ever been.

From ensuring they're charged and not over-charged per month, to having the ease to cancel at any time, and even remembering what they're currently subscribed to, today's subscribed consumer is overwhelmed.

And it goes without saying that an application like ScribePay has been a necessity for some time now.

But not anymore.

Delphine's Thoughts

I started ScribePay because having worked in the Financial Payments sector for over a decade, I believe in the power of visibility to aid financial management. I'm certain that our soon-to-be-launched ScribePay app will meet the needs of many consumers - the need to track and control where their money is going every month, quarter, or year. And I would love for you to join me on this journey. Please share this email with your networks. -Delphine Emenyonu, Co-Founder, ScribePay

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