What Is ScribePay?

ScribePay helps you manage your subscriptions and payments, to ensure you never forget to make a payment or to renew your subscription.

Did you know that app subscriptions grew 17% in the past year? This means you, like most people, now have a few more apps than you did pre-pandemic.


At ScribePay, we are responding to your need for additional management of your finances and your apps. 

Our Mission- Make It Easier To Control Subscription Money.

We want to breathe a new approach to opting in and out of subscription services, so you can manage your money in a better way.


We do all the work in the background, letting you seamlessly control your money and make your money grow


Our Founders 

Delphine has over 12 years' experience in the payments industry and has worked for three of the top five financial institutions (Barclays, HSBC, and Natwest) in the UK. She holds an M.Sc. in International Accounting and Strategy.

Ikenna holds an M.Sc. in Data Telecommunications and an MBA in Strategy and Finance. His technical experience spans 25+ years of delivering digital customer experience software.

Our Story 

We started started ScribePay because we love subscriptions. We love it so much we became victims of Subscription trap! 

It was 2018, and co-founder and partner were looking to renovate their house. They attended one of these big home events shows and registered to receive design idea magazines for free. Now what they did not know was, it was free for only a few months and will be enrolled into a yearly subscription. Roll in 2019, they get charged a subscription fee. Not great, but took it as an honest mistake. We called the company to cancel the subscription and they advised to send request to a specific email.  Sent in the request with all the detail required. Roll in 2020, we get charged another subscription fee!!. This when we said- there has to be a better way to manage subscriptions. 

Traditional banks only help consumer at the last resort when it comes to stoping unwanted subscription payments. In fact, if you see an unwanted susbcription payment the first protocol is for the consumer to engage with the vendor. Why? because its alot of human resource required to investigate the request and offer a refund. In short, the whole payment process is broken.

So we started ScribePay!

We’re now growing fast and thinking big. And we’re more determined than ever to take on the industry and change it for the better - for everyone



Sign up for ScribePay and get your own account. Use ScribePay as your digital memory bank, without leaving your old bank.

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