Frequently Asked Questions 


  • What is ScribePay?


We're subscribing for more services, which makes it even harder for customer to keep track and control they money

ScribePay is a Pre-paid Card that helps you manage your subscriptions and payments, to ensure you never forget to make a payment or to renew your subscription. It gives you full control of your money and ensure you don’t fall into subscription traps like the 2 million people in the UK that lose on average £150 yearly.


  • How do I get a ScribePay account?


It's really easy! Just download the ScribePay app on either iOS or Android, sign up in just a few minutes and you're done.

  • How does it work?


Signing up

When you sign up for ScribePay we’ll create an account for you to manually add and track all your subscriptions. The Signing up takes seconds and you’ll be able to access your basic account. Once in, you can upgrade your account to our premium version where we will ask you a few additional security questions before we can open a digital wallet and issue a Virtual card. Once your account is approved you can instantly start using the card to subscribe for services


  • What is the difference between the Basic and Premium version?


ScribePay Basic is a simple app to manually track and manage your subscriptions. On this, we 100% rely on the information you provide. Based on this information, we will notify you when subscriptions are due to take the necessary actions with your bank or subscription provider.


ScribePay premium automates the process. We issue you a digital wallet to hold all your subscription money and a virtual card to pay for subscription. All subscriptions are automatically tracked using the information that come from the transaction data. You approve and decline subscription payments and set the rules, never falling into subscription traps and having total control of your subscriptions.


Is there a fee for ScribePay premium?

Yes?  There is a £4.99 a month fee to use ScribePay premium. The average customer loses £150 a year from subscription traps. Through using ScribePay premium, that’s an instant saving of £90.


So what do I get with ScribePay premium?

Included in your membership fee, you’ll receive.

  1. A dedicated digital wallet to move money into your account. Based on this information you have the assurance that every time you move money, it is going directly to your registered ScribePay digital wallet

  2. A Virtual card linked to your wallet to pay for subscriptions and more

  3. Automated controls and real time notifications to help manage all your subscriptions

  4. Up to £300 a month load into your ScribePay wallet at no additional cost*

  5. Free UK transactions

  6. Customer care seven days a week, 8am-8pm


*Additional load will cost 50p, and if you are loading via card there is a service charge of 3%. To avoid charges, we recommend our Scribers set up a monthly standing order.


Do I need to be a UK resident?


Yes, you currently need to be resident in the UK to get a ScribePay. We hope to launch internationally in the future though, so watch this space!


Who can apply for a ScribePay Premium Card?

Anyone over the age of 18 who are resident in the United Kingdom


How long does it take to open an account?


It should take a maximum of 2 working days to complete our verification process. Once verified your Digital wallet will instantly be opened and you will be issued your prepaid virtual card.


Where can I use my ScribePay Card?


The ScribePay Virtual Card can be used anywhere Prepaid Mastercard cards are accepted. It is a virtual card and can only be used for e-commerce/digital transactions. The Virtual Cards cannot be used for a point-of-sale purchase


What is a prepaid card?


 A prepaid card is a preloaded debit card. The card can be used to pay for goods and services, up to the value that is loaded onto it, wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark online.


What is 3DS?


3DS (also known as ‘Mastercard SecureCode’, ‘Identity Check’ and ‘Verified by Visa’) is a standard which helps to reduce fraud and provide extra security to your online payments. Authentication is the process by which you identify yourself by sharing secure information that is available only to you. 3DS 2.0 is the latest version and provides a much smoother and safer process for you to authenticate your payments.



What is the use of Authentication?


Authentication provides an additional layer of security for online transactions, making it harder for fraudsters to gain access to your payment details. The first time a merchant request to take money from your account, we will request you to approve the payment before it is processed via our app.


Is 3DS active on my card?


Yes, your card has been enrolled in Mastercard Secure Code (3DS) so that wherever you see the Mastercard Secure Code logo online, your card number will automatically be recognised during checkout. Your card provider is contacted during checkout to confirm your identity as the genuine cardholder.



What if I suspect that fraud has occurred on my card?


If you ever suspect that a fraudulent purchase has been made using your card, contact Customer Services by emailing immediately  


If, after reviewing the transaction, we believe that it was not authorised by you, you will be refunded as soon as possible, and we will investigate on your behalf. We may need to cancel and replace your card for security reasons. If we need to do so, you will not be charged for a new card and your remaining balance will be transferred across to the new card.



Will you carry out credit checks or ID checks when I apply for a card? 


We will not carry out a credit check; however, we will carry out checks to verify your identity and address using an automated service. If you fail the automated checks, you will be asked to upload the following documents:

Proof of ID: Valid Passport, Photo Drivers License & National ID Card

Proof of Address: Utility Bill in your name & address dated within the last 3 months.

Your documents will then be verified by our compliance team, who will then contact you when a decision has been made or if they require any further information from you.


Can I use my card to withdraw cash at an ATM or for cashback? 


No, Cash withdrawal or Cashback is not permitted.


Are there any restrictions on where I can use my card? 

You cannot use your card for Point-of-sale transactions. 

You are also prohibited from using your card in Sanctioned & High Risk Countries – please contact  if you would like a list of all prohibited countries.

Is there a charge for this card? 


Please check all our fees on our website at


Is there a PIN?


This is a virtual card. There is no Pin as we don’t support point of sale transactions.



Can I go overdrawn? 


Your card is a prepaid card, which means that you can only spend available funds on the card. Your card will be declined if there are not enough funds on the card for the purchase you are attempting. If for any reason a transaction is processed that exceeds your available funds, we may block your card, and you will be required to repay the amount owing immediately.


How long is my card valid for? 


The card is valid until the expiry date showing on the front of your card.


Can I use my card abroad? 


Yes, at any online merchant that accepts Mastercard in permitted countries. Please note FX fees will apply


How is my personal information and privacy protected? 


We safeguard your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and applicable law. Please see our privacy policy