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Cutting-edge technology, protection and support if you need us urgently. Just a few of the reasons why you can trust us to keep your digital payments safe. 

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Safety is paramount

Get instant notifications the moment an unwanted payment has been made on your account. Approve or decline the payment in real-time through Face ID recognition. 


Want to block a subscription eventhough you have cancelled? Easy, just head to our app and within 2 clicks block that merchant. What if the merchant change their name? no worries, payment wont go through unless you approve through Face ID recognition.  


You should not really need our team of experts to keep your subscription money safe, but we are here via out in app chat if you need us about something urgent.

E-Money safeguards 

When a payment is received for your ScribePay Account, or you add money to it, the equivalent value of e-money is added into your ScribePay Account. Your money is never lent to anyone else. This is called safeguarding and helps to protect you and your money.


If the E-Money Issuer were to become insolvent, your funds are protected and repaid to you from their ring-fenced accounts. Learn more on how your money is protected in customer terms and conditions. 

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