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Your ScribePay Premium Account comes with a prepaid virtual card, real-time controls, with a simple monthly maintenance fee of £4.99 

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Forget about using your traditional bank cards for subscriptions 

Our prepaid virtual cards works everywhere Mastercard prepaid cards are accepted. And unlike your traditional bank cards, that accepts all payments and wait for you to spot the issue in your bank statement. We give you the power to approve a subscription and allow it approve automatically for  the next time.

Put your subscriptions on auto pilot 

Stopping unwanted subscriptions is a no-brainer with your ScribePay premium account.


Every time you enter your 16-digit virtual card number and CVV2 to subscribe for a service we know (even if it is a free trial). A magical, little way to make your money grow over time by not paying for services you may not want after the trial ends. 

You’re always in control

Feeling too lazy to unsubscribe when their last few products haven’t been great? You can gain complete control over your finances and cancel a product, service, or app in two clicks on the ScribePay app


Unsubscribe in two clicks, save yourself the stress.

We love

Gain access to other subscription services tailored to meet your needs through our ScribePay app marketplace. 


Combining your ScribePay Virtual Prepaid card with your subscriptions mean you can leave your fear of missing subscription renewals and payments behind, and subscribe to your favourite companies and products without fear of ever forgetting a deadline.

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