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What Does ScribePay DO Differently?

Sure, you already have an app that manages your subscription. 

But does said subscription managing app also provide you a free simulator to start tracking  and managing your subscriptions without asking you to share all your banking data?

We doubt it.


What’s more, does this app give you the choice to upgrade to a premium version where you can access a dedicated susbcription digital wallet  you can trust, and virtual card that prevents falling into a subscription trap?


Highly doubt it.


So here’s the deal: ScribePay helps you manage your finances in a unique 3-in-1 fashion-

  • We save you time… (no need to Google how to unsubscribe or spend an hour on the phone with your bank to cancel a payment).

  • We help you manage your money (say bye-bye to hidden fees and secret charges.

  • We do the work for you (so you can focus on actually enjoying the apps you like, and not worry every time you want to try a new app but worry about forgetting to cancel after your trial ends!)


Whew, that’s a LOT we offer, for a monthly payment of £4.99

Why Do We Charge a fee of £4.99 for our Premium version? 

Unlike your traditional banks, we don't make money from interest charged on a loan or credit card. Instead we cover our costs through our monthly fee.

The money from your monthly fee allows us to run the free version and develop our premium app with dedicated tech and customer service teams. 

In the words of our co-founder-


"We started Scribepay because having worked in the Financial payments sector for over a decade, we believe in the power of visibility to aid financial management. Over £1bn is lost annually in unwanted subscriptions and we believe there is a better way. ScribePay will meet the needs of many consumers- the need to track and control where their money is going every month, quarter, or year"


We're proud of the fact we manage to do all this and still cost less than how much the average person losses a year due to subscription traps.

  • Get going with ScribePay Free without ever paying a paying anything.

  • When you are ready, upgrade to premium to instantly receive a dedicated subscription wallet and Virtual card.

  • No obligation, you can downgrade to free at anytime.

See more on our pricing in our cardholder terms & conditions.


The Average consumer losses £150 a year from subscription traps. That's a £90 saving already by downloading ScribePay App.