ScribePay Premium 

Upgrade your subscription experience with exclusive Prepaid Virtual Card and get seamless control of any subscription worldwide. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE DIGITAL PAYMENTS 

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ScribePay is a financial technology company, not a bank. E-money services and Mastercard virtual card provided by our partners. 

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Unique Feeling
Even more Power. 

ScribePay Premium is focused on giving you the power- See and manage all your monthly subscriptions.


Approve and decline renewals to avoid falling into a subscription trap, where you keep paying for apps and services you no longer use- and feel the difference for yourself.

Manage Your Subscriptions With A Dedicated Account

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You get a dedicated digital wallet you can trust to move and manage all your subscription money.


You get an exclusive Mastercard Prepaid Virtual card to pay for all your subscriptions. 

Adios To Hidden Subscription Charges and Fees

Use your ScribePay Virtual card to pay for your subscriptions and never get caught off guard with renewal. 


With Premium, you can use your card anytime and pay for only what you use. 


Leave your fear of missing subscription renewals and payments behind: Let ScribePay become your digital memory bank to track, manage, and remind you of all your subscriptions.

Take Total Control of Your Subscriptions

So, who can benefit from ScribePay Premium?


You, if you’ve subscribed to one or more apps. Let’s help you manage your time and provide prompt reminders ahead of recurring charges, so you see exactly where your money is going.


You, if you have a service that you pay for from time to time. 


You, if you own an app and are looking for a trustworthy niche marketplace to reach your next users.



Use Your Virtual Card & Avoid Fraud 

Make online shopping even more secure with your virtual card. You set the rules and approve only transactions you are aware off.  Easily use for all your digital payments without affecting your physical bank cards linked to all your money. Make security simple.


Choose Your Own Account 


£0 forever 

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£4.99 per month 

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A ScribePay App
Manually Track and Manage any Subscriptions

Subscription Categories 
Get clear view of subscriptions Spending 

Instant Notification 
Get alerted when a subscription is due 

Start Saving
See the Subscription you are not using 

Customer Support 
Through the App if you need it  

ScribePay Marketplace 
New subscriptions based on trusted reviews

All ScribePay Free Features

A UK Digital Wallet 
Securely move money for subscriptions 

Prepaid Virtual Mastercard
Pay for all digital subscriptions 

Fee-Free Transfer 
Up to £300 per calender Month*  

Auto Track Subscriptions 
Real-time notifications, prevent traps 

Real-Time Authorisation 
Approve or decline transactions 

Pause/Cancel Subscription Payments 
With 2 simple clicks 

Getting Started Is Easy 

No long queuing required 

Download the App 

On App Store and Google Play Store. 

Tell us about yourself 

GO PREMIUM. We need to know who we are doing business with. There are no credit checks as part of this process. 

Most accounts are approved in minutes 

We may need more information if we cant verify you electronically.

And you are all set! 

You will instantly receive your digital wallet and virtual card. 

Get started

Applying for ScribePay free account.
Upgrade to premium to access your e-money walllet and Mastercard Prepaid Virtual card instantly. It will take less than 3 minutes. It won’t affect your credit score. 

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