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Get a clear breakdown of your subscriptions to see where your money is going and how to improve. We’ll notify you on every activity that need your attention so you’re never caught off guard.

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Real-time alerts keep you informed

ScribePay will notify you about upcoming subscriptions or when your balance is low to help you avoid missing susbcription renewals

Control at your finger tips- supercharged 

ScribePay lets you approve of decline auto-renewals in realtime. preventing you from falling in subscription traps. 

Spending insights to help you budget

Instantly know how much you spend on subscriptions every month. we even divide the yearly subscriptions so you know how to budget. 

"For the first time i have real control over my susbcriptions. I can now take up the free trials knowing there is a payment app looking out for me. Even if i forget to cancel free trials "


"Where has this app been all my life. I am no longer scared to make online transactions as i know my face-ID is the only way that payment will go through ."


"This app has now given me the freedom to trial other subscription services. I am spending more, but atleast i know where my money is going."


"Would i call this the safest virtual card in the world? Even if my card details fall into the wrong hands i am still protected due to the controls "


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