Subscription payments the way it should be 

The first payment app that alerts you when your free trial is about to come to an end, and also gives you the power to Approve or decline auto-renewals in realtime

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Features on ScribePay app and Virtual Card

Instant visibility of average monthly subscription spend- helping you budget better

Instant Virtual card to pay and manage all subscriptions and digital payments 

Instant UK account number and sort code (e-money wallet)

Real time notifications for subscription renewals- no unwanted fees and suprises.

Stop unwanted subscription charges with 2 clicks, no calling required 

Finally, a payment app built for subscriptions

With over 2 million people falling into subscription traps, ScribePay's aim is to make subscriptions easy with a mordern and intuitive app that handles everything from tracking subscription payments to making online payments secure. 


You can download the app on all smartphone devices, iPhone® or an Android™ device. Start moving money instantly with your dedicated e-money wallet or in app through card payments, and leave your fears of ever missing subscription payment or renewal. 


Subscription and online payment security done right

Security made fast and simple. Finally, you can take control of your subscription and online payments security and we offer everything you need to make it easy.


Stop unwanted Auto-renewals

When you subscribe for a service, we instantly start tracking the free trials. We send you a notification when the trial is about to end. Missed the reminder? no worries, we still put you in control to approve or decline within our app. 


Instant Subscription Alerts 

Instant subscription alerts let you know any time the subscription is due and when a payment has been taken out out of your ScribePay card.


Stop online fraud

We put you in control of all online payments. Our security measures includes Face-ID in app to release the card to authorise any online payment.

Conveniently top up wallet

Unlimited transfer between your ScribePay wallet and another ScribePay wallet. 


Option to transfer up to £300 a calender month for free from any UK bank account into your dedicated ScribePay wallet. You can also set up a standing order from your bank account to ScribePay wallet.


Don't want to leave the app? use your bank card to instantly transfer money in app.


Not convinced yet? 

You can have all of these features with a simple maintenance fee of £4.99 a month and a modern, intuitive app for subscriptions and online payments. 


 Signing up takes less than 3 minutes. No minimum balance is required to upgrade to premium and it does not impact your credit score. So, what are you waiting for?

We tell you exact amount for international payments

The ScribePay mobile app lets you check how much it will cost you in pounds for international payments. You can simply check how much through our in app FX calculator. Still want to know more after transaction has occured? You can simply click on the transaction and information will be presented to you instantly. 


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