The average customer loses £160 a year                            from unwanted Subscriptions. 

Helping you cancel your Times Subscription

ScribePay helps you track, pay, monitor, and cancel unwanted susbcriptions Download the app to get started.

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ScribePay has no partnership or agreement with Times. ScribePay is a payments app that acts as an independent third party service that takes your instruction to cancel susbcription payments made with your ScribePay virtual card on your behalf. 

Cancel Times Subscription 

If you wish to cancel or change the pack you are on then please call our Member Services team. We handle all cancellations on the phone because the time you cancel affects any offers and entitlements, you may have a contract in place or have outstanding vouchers which we need to speak to you about.Free from a landline: 0800 018 5177Overseas or mobile: 0207 022 6620Opening times:8am - 7pm Monday to Friday8am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday. 

Dont want to be haggled on a call? use Scribepay to manage Times subscriptions and other subscriptions. 

Cancel Times Subscription  with ScribePay

  1. When you want to subscribe to Times , use your ScribePay Virtual Card 

  2. After 30 days free trial, Times will want to charge your virtual card.

  3. ScribePay will send you a notification to 'Approve or deny' the Auto Renewal

  4. If you Approve, we will set up new subscription; giving you total visibility

  5. No longer want the subscription? simply click on Times subscription in app and cancel payment. 

ScribePay simply stops the subscription payment from coming out of your account. If you in in a contract (which is unlikely for subscriptions as money is taken in advance of service delivery),  make sure you have an alternative way to pay.