We are on a mission-Good-bye to unwanted Subscription fees 

ScribePay is an app designed to track, Pay, manage, and cancel paid subscriptions and recurring bills.

To track, you can simply download the ScribePay app and enter all your subscription (even those free trials). When the subscription renewal is due, we will send you a notification- 3 days  and 1 day before its due to expire. Giving you the power to cancel the subscription with your provider.

Canceling susbcriptions is challangeing, especially those that auto renew after a free trial. Its odd you can susbcribe onlline but when its time to cancel you need to call the customer service team. Thats why we have built ScribePay premium.

With ScribePay premium you can seamlessly pay, monitor and cancel susbcriptions diirectly from our app.

Here is to building a new way of managing susbcriptions.


Not ready to join ScribePay but want to cancel a subscription service? 

We've have gone through the effort of listing services and how to cancel. Simply click the below service and you should get the most up to date instructions on how to cancel. 

Unfortunately many susbcriptions make it difficult to cancel online, and some unfortunately tell you they have cancelled the subscription but still hit you with a bill the following month. If thats happened to you or a family member simply check out ScribePay premium as we are on the mission to making subscription management hassle free. 

ScribePay can also help monitor your subscriptions price hikes, espeically those ones that jump from £1 a month to £53 a month!