Get control of your subscriptions

Cancelling subscriptions should be stress free. ScribePay is reinventing how you pay, manage, and cancel subscriptions.  Join the Revolution!!


Why ScribePay?

The current way is flawed

£800m lost in unwanted subscriptions 

 47% of consumers caught out- especially with annual subscriptions- "YouGov" 

60% have difficulty cancelling

Primary research found cancelling was a lot harder than signing up

2M+ people fall into  traps

Drawn in through free trials and locked into recurring payments that's difficult to cancel- "Citizens Advice"

5% of monthly spending goes towards subscriptions 

This is expected to grow by 30% anually and someone needs to fix the flaw. 


How it works

Open an account in minutes

We're proudly free of the typical headaches around account opening.


Seamless approvals. Instant access on any device.

Secure Access

Industry-standard encryption and two-factor authentication for added security.

Use ScribePay for total control

Simply answer a few questions to get started:

Supplier, Amount & Frequency & Duration.

Total Control Over Subscriptions

Instant access to digital card to pay. Real-time visibility of all subscriptions. Your money, your rules.

Swipe to Cancel

Manage any subscription with no fear - avoiding unwanted transactions.

Relax and be worry-free

Unique digital card  for automatic payments based on your rules


Simple notification before payment is due 


More visibility, more savings


What are you waiting for? Join the revolution.

Your Money. Your Rules.

Our Commitment.

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