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We get it. Taming the subscription drain can be difficult. Leave your fear of missing renewal deadlines and payments behind, download ScribePay today and see exactly where your money is going.

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2 million people in the UK lose on average £160 a year due to subscription traps.

Not anymore.

Download the ScribePay app today. 


Subscriptions In A New Way

Imagine life without the fear of subscription charges after your free trials. ScribePay gives you back control over your money and allows you to cancel wasteful subscriptions seamlessly.

ScribePay is free, but not trying us can cost you both money and time. Join many others and use ScribePay as your digital memory bank, without leaving your old bank.

ScribePay Saves You Time

It takes about 3 minutes on average, to subscribe to your favourite services but often takes a Google search and a few phone calls to cancel when you’re no longer interested.


Enjoy your apps in absolute bliss - knowing that when you're done, ScribePay will allow you to stop the payment in two clicks

ScribePay Saves You Money

App subscriptions grew 17% in 2020. This means like many people, you probably now have more apps than did pre-pandemic.

ScribePay is responding to your need for additional management of your money and your subscriptions. It’s a Pence here or a £10 there, but these costs add up.


View and manage all your subscriptions in one place with us, and see where your money is going. 

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A Positive Experience With No Hidden Fees

Are you afraid to subscribe because you think you’ll forget to unsubscribe and be hit with hidden charges? Let ScribePay become your digital bestie.


We will alert you when a subscription renewal is due.


ScribePay premium alerts you to approve payment requests, and puts you in total control of your money by eliminating hidden charges.

Automatically Save Money On Your Subscriptions 

Do you know exactly how many subscriptions you’re paying for right now? Or are your subscriptions draining your account without you even knowing it?

With ScribePay Premium you get a complete overview of all your subscriptions, showing exactly how much they’re costing you. You can handle every subscription directly in the app and receive a notification if or when there are any changes. 

Even more powerful, no more unwanted fees for those free trials coming to an end. You will receive authorisation notification to approve or decline. Say good bye to chargebacks and countless minutes on a phone trying to get your money back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ScribePay?

We're subscribing for more services, which makes it even harder for customers to keep track and control their money. ScribePay is an app that helps you manage your subscription payments, to ensure you never forget to make a payment or reniew your subscriptions. It gives you full control of your money an esnure you don't fall into susbcription traps like the 2 million people in the UK that lose on average £150 yearly.

How do i get a ScribePay account?

It's really easy! just download the ScribePay App on either IOS or Andriod, sign up in just a few minutes and you're done.

How does it work?

Signing Up! When you sign up for ScribePay we'll create an account for you to manually upload, track and manager your subscriptions. The signing up process takes seconds and you will be able to access your free account. Once in, you can upgrade your account to our premium verison {comming soon} where we will ask a few additional security questions before we can open a digital wallet and issue a prepaid virtual card. Once verified and account is approved, you can instantly start using your deignated virtual card to subscribe for services.

Is ScribePay Free?

We are all about giving customers better visbility and control of their money when it comes to subscriptions. To live to our principle, we have created a forever free version where any customer can download and use the app. There is the option to upgrade to our premium version.

Is there a fee for ScribePay Premium {Coming Soon}?

Yes! There is a £4.99 a month fee to use ScribePay premium. The average customer loses between £150-£200 a year from subscription traps. Through using ScribePay premium, that's an instant saving of £140 (estimate)

What is the difference between the free and premium version?

ScribePay free is a beautifully designed app to manually upload, track and manage your subscriptions. On this, we 100% rely on the information you provide. Based on this information, we will notify you when subscriptions are due to take the necessary actions with your bank or subscription provider. ScribePay premium automates the process. We issue you a digital wallet to hold all your subscription money, and a virtual card to pay for your subscriptions. All subscriptions are automatically tracked using the information that comes from the transactional data. You approve or decline subscription payments, and set the rules; never falling into subscription trap or losing control of your money.

Do i need to be a UK resident?

You dont need to be a UK resident to get ScribePay free. For ScribePay premium, you need to be a UK resident as we will be issuing you a finanical product. We hope to launch internationally in the future, so watch this space!

Always Here To Help 

If you need help, we are easy to reach us at Chat with us in the app or reach out to us via our social media channels on weekdays up until 8pm and weekends and public holidays until 5pm

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Our Commitment To You

We take the protection of your data very seriously.

ScribePay provides secure and encrypted account protection for all users. We handle your information with our highest-rated security measures, and your device connections are protected securely. 


Sign up and use ScribePay as your digital memory bank, without leaving your old bank. When you are ready, upgrade to premium for seamless control. 

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